Jan 2, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

Sienna's first Christmas! Can't you see the excitement?

Uncle Brad & the boys Grandpa Hanson playing with the boys. Why spend money buying gifts when kids seem to be happier being pushed around in a box?! Some of the favorite white elephant gifts...We especially liked how the footie jammies had pleats in the back to make for a more fitted look Rob, Brad & Sienna chillin' in their jammies Dan and his "What does Yuletide mean anyway?" undies & his anti-monkey butt powder (and his favorite gift from Debi & Jared--his redskins belt buckle)Not the best picture of them, but I got these huge, rainbow-striped suspendersSienna and her two cousins--Tommy & Carter Carter after making chocolate reindeer cupcakes


Debi said...

Haha, I love hearing about Hansen Christmases! You guys are hilarious!

Jeff and Stephanie said...

Holly! Why is your family so much fun!?!?! Seriously though - I need to know where you got PJ's with footies that are big enough to fit your brother!!! I need to get some of those for my family members!

eli&joelynn said...

I swear she is growing up so fast! She is looking like a little lady!! Glad your holidays were so merry!