Jun 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

Can you believe Luke is already one year old!?

So crazy. I look at the scale and it makes me even sadder that he's one, definitely can't blame it all on the baby weight anymore. :(  Well, Luke to make a long story a little shorter, I took Luke to the MD on the day of his birthday party (Friday, June 22) thinking maybe he had an ear infection (he just didn't want to take a bottle and woke up crying in the middle of the night) and the MD thought he may have hand-foot-mouth.  Turns out he didn't (and I was skeptical the whole time since he didn't have the symptoms I ready about and he was happy, sleeping good, eating well, etc...) but I didn't know that until day 5 of being in isolation. Ugh. It was a long week!  We were going to have his party at our clubhouse and doing a pool party theme.  Then when I thought he had hand-foot-mouth, I cancelled his party.  I was already debating on cancelling the swim portion, since the Eagle Mountain fire made the air yucky, so it wasn't the worst thing. But I did spent a ton of money on food, treats, decor, etc...so that kind of stunk.  I still had my family come over, since there aren't any other children, so at least we got to do some sort of celebrating. And the boy got spoiled. Funny though, he was not the biggest fan of the cupcake. We had to basically beg/plead/force feed to get a good cupcake-destroying picture.  

 (***I have a tons of other pictures, but for some reason they are all posting sideways, even though I have edited them/turned them and saved the pictures. So frustrating. I don't have time to mess with it now, but I will this weekend)

A few fun facts about Luke...
-The boy still refuses to really hold his bottle or sippy.  Lazy boy...
-He still prefers to army crawl, though he can crawl and he will crawl in order to get up to his knees and to climb up onto some furniture or something.  He loves to cruise along furniture and behind the push toys.  I really think he may just go straight to walking and skip the whole crawling thing.
-LOVES his thumb and he LOVES his little lovey. The second you pull it out, he turns into a little cuddle bug.
-His favorite toy in the world is the remote control. He is his father's son! He and Dan totally fight over it. 
-His nose sweats, too--just like his dad. He gets little beads of sweat on the tip of his nose when he is hot or if he eats something a little spicy. It's so funny to see what things are hereditary.
-He is a happy little guy--as long as he is being held or has people paying attention to him.  He has definitely turned into a needy little thing.  It's a good thing he is super cute.
-He finally has some hair--took long enough!
-So far he is a super good eater and will eat anything. It makes me a little nervous, because it was this point that Sienna started getting picky.  The other day he refused to eat prunes for my babysitter. And he just decided he doesn't like the little puffs anymore. He prefers crackers or cereal.  I'll give him bites of what we eat and he seems to love it all--stuffed butternut squash, black bean burgers, watermelon, etc...
-He has the best laugh in the world. The sound of him giggling is by far my favorite sound. He loves to play chase around the ottomans and he loves to play peek-a-boo.
-Loves all boy toys.  He LOVES any kind of ball, especially Dan's football and basketball.  His face just lights up when he has one in his arms.
-Loves swimming, loves bath time, basically he just loves to splash! 
-Hates the car seat & the stroller and screams bloody murder when you have to buckle him in. He does the same thing when you lay him on his back to change his diaper or his clothes.
-Luke is a boy's boy. He just seems to prefer the fellas, especially his dad and his grandpa.
-Favorite words are mama, dada, ball, dog and quite a few other babblings, which we aren't sure what they mean. 
-Is still a great sleeper at night. He goes down pretty easily most of the time, as long as he has his lovey and his thumb. It's funny, though. He's a great sleeper at night and seems to sleep through any noise we make, but nap time is a different story.  If I go into his room to get something or to check on him, his head will pop right up. He still takes two naps, but it depends on the day how long he will sleep.

Can I just say how much I love having my girl and my boy?  I feel so grateful that it worked out that way for us. Sienna is such a girly girl and Luke is such a boy's boy, so it's been fun to see how different they are.  Sienna still loves him most of the time (though that little booger bit him a couple of times a couple of weeks ago, have no idea where that came from).  She does occasionally get jealous, mostly when Dan is holding Luke.  It's funny to try to imagine my world without these kiddos in it.  It just feels like they've been with us forever.  Being a mom (though sometimes the hardest) is the best thing in the world.

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