Mar 22, 2011

Pregnancy update and Sienna-isms

So, week 26 and I'm finally back to the land of the living--just in time to enter the 3rd trimester, the huge and uncomfortable stage. I still can't believe that the "morning(noon and night)" sickness lasted for so long-- around week 23ish.  And since it started so early this time, it was like having the flu for nearly 5 months. Blah! I'm SOOOO glad that stage is over. I'll take any amount of heartburn, sleepless nights or labor over the nausea any day.  I don't know how women do it, when they are sick the entire time. I don't think I'd ever get pregnant again!

I'm just so grateful to feel like I can function again.  I never thought I'd appreciate cooking and cleaning so much, or brushing my teeth and opening the fridge without dry-heaving.  One thing I've been totally avoiding while being sick is potty training my little Sienna.  So, now I feel like I don't have an excuse and today is number 2.  Definitely not my favorite thing in the world, not gonna lie.  That's a whole different post on its own. (I wish it looked as fun as this picture makes it seem, but it's very, very deceiving...)

Sienna is 2 1/2 and such a little character these days.  She is definitely a strong-willed, spunky little thing.  The other day she turned to me and said "Mom, you're driving me CRAZY!"  I have no idea where she got that from, I'm sure I've never said those words before. ;)  I can totally see what people mean when they say that it's not terrible two's, it's the three's that's the toughest. It seems like the closer she gets to three, the harder she gets.  She is certainly a little drama queen, and the tantrums are starting to become more frequent.  But it's a trade off, because she's also more fun now. She cracks me up.  She's always been a good talker, but now it's really fun to hear the things she comes up with and the way she puts sentences together.  And it's fun to see her get so excited about things.  I love feeling like we can do things together as a family that we will all enjoy.

My little drama queen.
*This is her sobbing uncontrollably because her puppy Coconuts was left in Dan's car and wouldn't be home for 5 whole mins.  "I just miss him SO much."
A little Sienna update......
She wanted us to do magic, so she gave Dan a magic wand (a pen) and told him to turn her into a "callepiller".  He was doing it incorrectly, so she gave him specific instructions how to say "abbadabba" and "bippity boppity boo".  Which he did. She dropped to the ground and started crawling on the ground saying "worm, worm, worm," which is apparently the sound that a "callepillar" makes.  Who knew?

She's been saying words like precious and wonderful to describe everything lately.  I love hearing it. Yet, she hates being called anything other than Sienna.  If I call her sweetie or my girl, she'll say, "NO! I'm Sienna."

She's still a little pint-size thing. Two and a half and a whopping 27 lbs!  I said to her the other day that she has a cute little bum and she said, "NO! I have a BIG bum!"  Since she's a "big girl," apparently everything has to be big!  I'm thinking, girl, you better appreciate it while you can!  It may not always be little, so enjoy it now.  She's definitely in the "I can do everything by myself" stage and wants to do all sorts of things that she can't do by herself. Great that she wants to be so independent, but super frustrating for her not-so-patient mom.

One of my new favorite words she has come up with is "spreckle".   She discovered a "spreckle" (aka freckle) on her leg and was so fascinated.  Now she points out all the "spreckles" she sees on anyone.

So, I may or may not have a little road rage.  Well, when I was kindly talking to a couple of other drivers who were acting like idiots on the road, Sienna pipes up from the back seat "Mom, you can't talk to them".  "Why can't I talk to them?"  "Because they are cars, they can't hear you." 

She loves watching her "shows"--Mickey Mouse and Dora the Explorer are still her favorites.  She also loves Bolt, Toy Story, Happy Feet and anything with a princess.  She loves playing dress-ups and making food in her kitchen.  Dan and I both think Sien may have a hoarding problem--she will shove anything and everything she can find into buckets, purses, etc...and just carry them from room to room.  She'll have 4 different purses jam-packed full of things that she'll lug around with her. She's also obsessed with rocks.  She loves collecting them.  I love it when I discover that she's found some new rocks, because they turn up in the washer or dryer.

Sienna is a very social girl, very friendly and always wants to be playing with friends. She is obsessed with her friends (twins) Addy and Emery and talks about them every day.  They love going to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.

A book lover, Sienna wants us to read her books all the time and she is just starting to discover the art of story telling.  Typically her stories start out "One upon a time" and include a princess (Sienna, of course), a river, a castle, a witch and a mean, scary dragon.

She's still a crazy picky eater, and refuses to eat "table food" and any kind of meat but at least she'll eat tons of fruits/vegetables/dairy, so it's hard to complain too much. Broccoli and apples are her favorite foods of choice these days.  It's just frustrating to be giving a 2 1/2 year old finger food all the time, rather than the dinner that I make. (I know many moms go through this...) But, seriously, what child refuses to eat mac-n-cheese, pizza, ramen noodles, chicken nuggets?  Meal time is pretty exhausting with Sienna, since we have to turn everything into a game to make her eat.  "I'm gonna eat that!" or "Show us how you take a big dinosaur bite".  It gets really old, really fast.  But at least she's staying on the same growth curve, so her pediatrician isn't too worried and said she'll just grow out of the phase eventually.

She's always loved all things girly, which means she also loves going shopping.  She calls every store, the "shopping store" and would love it if I took her shopping every day.  Sienna loves to dance. We frequently have dance parties in our living room.  She loves to twirl and spin and shake her booty. She's also obsessed with make-up, particularly lip gloss and chapstick and has them with her at all times. 

Yes, this is her covered in my mascara.  You should always be worried when everything is quiet. 

Yes, this is lip gloss she decided to put all over her face.  "Isn't it SO beautiful, mom!?"
Yep. SO beautiful.


Carolyn Hanson said...

That last pic is hilarious!
What a cutie!

Glad you're feeling better too. I can't believe you're already in your third trimester! Woohoo! Can't wait to meet the little man. :o)

deb said...

I'm SO glad to hear you're feeling better! That's the best news ever. People love to tell pregnant people how quickly their pregnancy is going, but that's not how I feel about you--I feel like you've been pregnant forever!! These next couple months will fly... until the very end when it will creep by again. :)

Those were the best Sienna-isms EVER. My favorites: the "callepillar" that says "worm" and I want her to point out my "spreckles." That girl! So cute!

Tracie said...

(LOL), Sienna is a crack up, such a little ball of fire!! I'm glad you are feeling better :-)

Sara Mortensen said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. You definately had it rough. Sienna is growing up! What a beautiful girl.