Aug 27, 2010

Jack Johnson concert August 2010....such a good concert. Usahna is a great venue. I like Jack's music, but I really like people watching at concerts. There were all sorts of peeps out that night. I especially loved watching the oh-so-very-white-boy dance moves in front of us. It kept us completely entertained the entire time. Dang! We should have gotten pics. And I loved being able to chill with Melissa and Matt & Company that night. Good peeps.

REAL GAME on July 24th with Tiff & Jake and the kidlets

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Sara said...

We go to all the REAL games. Do you go often? Would be fun to see you.

lulu said...

We were at the Jack Johnson concert as well. Too bad we didn't see you guys. I enjoyed watching the Cougars in front of us grinding on college boys. I had to resist the urge to call out, "Aren't you in my mom's book club?"