Jul 4, 2010


We threw a baby shower for a friend and I brought home some balloons. Sienna pointed up to the balloon and said "coconuts".   It took us a minute to figure out what she was talking about--well, she was pointed to the balloon with the polka dots, or otherwise known as "coconuts".  She'll point to her little dalmation stuffed animal and say "coconuts".  She's very consistent too, it's so funny.  And it's definitely one that we don't want to correct, since it's so cute! 

Today while driving home from my parents, Dan was trying to keep Sienna entertained with questions, "What does a cow say?"  "MOOOO!!!!"  "What does a horsey say?"  "NEIGHHHHHH!!!!"  So, I said, "What does Sienna say?" And she cheerfully and quickly replied "HI!"  (Which is so perfect, since that really is Sienna's favorite word and she says it over and over again. all. day. long!) I love the stuff this kid comes up with.

Sienna is such a little chatterbox. She pretty much talks in full sentences these days.  It amazes me how quickly her language has developed.  I think it was around Mother's Day when she first started putting sentences together, and now she just chatters non-stop.  There are definitely times when I can't figure out a word or two, but for the most part we can communicate pretty well.  Every time we walk in the house, she'll yell "Where are you, daddy?"  She can tell me what she wants/doesn't want (which can be helpful and annoying).  And she is constantly saying "I love you, mommy/daddy".  She is still obsessed with Mickey Mouse, chewing gum, being outside, and being a "big girl".  Sienna is my little DIVA in training. The other day she saw me put my makeup on and then had a complete meltdown, screaming, "I want makeup!! I want makeup!! I want earrings!!!"  She is constantly walking around the house in my high heels and loves to wear chapstick and lipgloss. Seriously? She's not even 2 years old yet.  Should I be nervous?!


The Dunns said...

She is so cute, and growing up so fast!
I miss HB as well, so Ian and I plan to hopefully make a trip down (just the two of us) sometime this summer (yeah). We definitely would love to get together, anytime.
Talk to you soon!

Suburban Heretic said...

Oh man, that all looks delicious! And yes, lets bbq soon, we don't have anything this weekend!