Feb 27, 2010

18 months old!

It's been way too long since I blogged. I have a bunch of catching up to do! Here's a few fun pictures of Sienna. Most of these are from December & January. She's already looking so different to me.
She loves her bath-time, but hate, hates, hates getting out of the tub (and getting her hair rinsed!).
Here's Dan working hard putting together Sienna's kitchen--a Christmas gift from her Grandma and Grandpa Hanson. She is loving it! It's so cute to see her putting pots and pans in the oven and filling up her glass with "water". The stove even makes sizzling sounds and glows red. Super cute! I wish I would've taken a before and after picture. This baby came out of the box in a gazillion little pieces. Dan was a trooper!

This is Sienna when she insisted on trying on her aunt Nelly's knee-high leather boots. She really was trying to walk around in them. That girl cracks me up!

Sienna is certainly Miss Independent these days (18-months-old). It's fun, and completely frustrating at the same time. She is currently loving purses, cell phones, shoes (my friend Emily says she has a major shoe fetish...should I be worried!?), "brushing" her teeth (sucking all the toothpaste off), fruit snacks, her blankie, and dancing, being outside, eating out of a bowl, with utinsels, the i-touch... Another cute quirk is when she is done eating and you get her out of the high chair, she has to turn around and buckle the seatbelt. She also loves counting to three and "jumping" (though she gets NO air at all). Pretty stinkin' cute, though. I know this picture may not seem like much to you, but I had to document the day when she sat still for about 3 minutes watching the television. Finally! I've been waiting for this day. I promise I'm not planning on parking her in front of the tube all day, every day (though I'm sure there will be those days), but I am looking forward to having just 5 minutes to take a shower or make a phone call without Sienna wanting tugging on my leg, crawling up into my lap or pounding on the bathroom door.

And since we're talking about tv, let's just talk for a minute about The Backyardigans. Who else loves this show!? It's so cute. I'm not gonna lie, there have been times I've caught myself watching it when Sienna has long since left the room. "Riding the range, riding the range, let's go, riding the range, yahoo!" (Our personal favorite!).

What else am I forgetting? Sienna's also a little chatterbox. She will sit and repeat nearly anything we say. She's even saying words like blueberries and pirates booty. Other new favorites are cheese, milk, sippy, mommy, daddy, i wan go, all done, more (while she signs it), nelly, Emy (my friend Emily), mimi, papi (for papa, Dan's dad). It's pretty entertaining. I can already tell we've got a little drama queen on our hands. Well, really we've known since about 1 year. The other day I got a good taste of it. Sienna had some fruit snacks, which I don't typically buy. Sienna loved the fruit snacks. Sienna wanted more fruit snacks. Mom wouldn't give another pack of fruitsnacks. Sienna proceeds to sob huge alligator tears (snot running down her nose) and pound on the pantry door, begging and pleading for more fruit snacks (pounding, alternating with "more" sign language and screaming "more"). I vowed never to buy fruitsnacks again (though I do understand that this isn't about fruit snacks and that the battles are only beginning!). Let me just tell you, it was lovely. I was a nightmarish little toddler, so this is totally pay-back time for me. I'm so in trouble. Sorry, mom!


Paul said...

You've only just begun..... it will get better when words are easier, and then you will approach 3. Not fun. That's when they start telling you to go to timeout, share, and be nice. It's lovely when your own words are being used against you. Not fun (well sometimes it's really funny).

KelBelle said...

Ha, ha! Sienna is super cute! Backyardigans used to be Kavella's favorite, too, but I started getting annoyed that Austin was always the idiot...you know Austin is the only white one, right? :) I'm glad to see your blog! I'll have to keep up with the Dixons via blogstalk! You guys look great! Hope you're loving Utah!

Deb said...

Unbelievable how fast she's grown! And she's still as cute as ever! We miss you guys so much. Hope you're loving the new house!!