Jan 12, 2010

New Vocab

So we've been working on learning new words today. It was hilarious. Sienna repeated almost everything I said today, only it was gibberish, interspersed occasionally with a recognizable word like "mama" or "ball". Isn't it hilarious to hear how they interpret what we are saying?

We were working on family names today. Here are just a few that Sienna came up with today.
Grandma-Daydo or nana
Nelly (aunt Janelle)-Ya-ya
Grant (cousin)-Rant
Rob (uncle)--Roey
Brad (uncle)-Bad

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Full House said...

Hi there,

Aren't you Rob's sister? I think I met you once when you came with your Mom and Waylon's cousin Becky Nelson to come and look @ our home in Highland.

Thank you so much for commenting. It is so fun to make those connections. That is very exciting that you are building a home. Where are are you building?

I love it when the little ones start to talk. It is truly so adorable.

xo - Christina