Feb 15, 2009

Snowboarding with the Dixons

A couple of weeks ago Dan and I went snowboarding at The Canyon's with Dan's brother Jeff & his wife Kate. It wasn't the best snow, but we still had a fun time. I hadn't snowboarded for a couple of years, since the past 2 years when we've been in Utah I was puking (due to morning sickness or the flu). Anyway, I was definitely a little rusty. And since we didn't have fresh powder, those falls were not so fun. I banged up my left knee and my right hip pretty good, but nothing like what my sister-in-law Kate experienced when she caught an edge and slammed her head on the ground. We had to get the ski patrol to come check her out and have her taken to the medical office to make sure that she didn't have a head injury. We were grateful she was ok and after a couple of hours of resting she was able to get a couple more runs in. Despite a few falls and some bumps and bruises, we still had a great day. I love just being up in the mountains--smelling the fresh mountain air, the blue sky & sunshine, the peace & serenity. I definitely look forward to more snowboarding, only I'm counting on those powder days when the falls don't hurt so much! (Like my niece Taylor said," when it feels like you're falling on feathers")

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daveandraechel said...

I'm jealous. I'd never be able to ditch the kids (including Dave) for a sb trip. Its been a while for me too. Sounds bruise-y but nice.