Jul 18, 2007

The amateur blogger....

So, I'm a real amateur when it comes to this blogging stuff. It seems like it is something that just becomes natural as soon as you breast feed. Since I don't have any kids, it's a bit tougher for me! ;) I just don't have the time to figure out how to fix the layout, but one of these days I will and I'll have all my pictures organized and making sense to the rest of the world! In the mean time, sorry, you'll just have to suffer through my chaos!


Ally said...

Huh... where do I start? First of all you start a blog and don't let me know... while you are linking to mine. Not sure what is up with that.

And second has it really been so long since we talked that I had no idea you had fun happenings this summer. Fun photos! I am really jealous.

Well now that I found this maybe I will keep better dibs on you.

Robyn said...

Um Hello!!!! Thanks for the bolg notice......Are you pregnant yet?